Events This Month

March 1: 4-9 pm: District Six Artwalk

The Eden Gallery & Artwerx will again feature Jackson and Maplewood Elementary Schools, respectfully. We are always amazed at the talent and dedication of the teachers & students from these schools. Bring family and friends to this fun event and welcome our 'future' artists! Open to the public! Light refreshments.

Tuesday, March 5: 3:30-5 pm

Checkered Rose Workshop: Acrylic Painting Workshop! If you think you are all 'thumbs' you will love this workshop! You may be amazed how creative those thumbs can be! Join us for a fun adventure as we create our own personal artwork to welcome those springtime days. Please confirm your attendance so that we have plenty of supplies. $25 per session.

Tuesday, March 12: 3:30-5 pm

Jewelry Workshop! If you love the bling you will want to meet Jean Pope, our "Making Jewelry Go-to Artisan. Jean will be here to answer your questions, assist you in your design if needed, and explore what's new and what's old in jewelry making. This is a fun workshop with group participation. Light refreshments. $25 per workshop. All supplies provided! Please confirm your attendance in advance so that we have plenty of supplies!

Tuesday, March 19: 5:00-7:00 pm

Checkered Rose Workshop: This is a creative workshop for those who like to explore different techniques using a similar theme. Discover your artistic talent as we work together to create our own personally inspired art pieces! All supplies provided, all levels welcome. Please confirm your attendance in advance so that we have plenty of supplies. Workshop fee, $25.