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My name is Don Wiegel. Most of you know me as Don W. You may have seen me around the activities of Greeley and Northern Colorado with a view-finder up to my face seeking to capture the awesomeness of Greeley! When people say to me there is "nothing to do in Greeley" I counter that with "just a minute...I can show you what you may have missed!" As a northern Colorado native and Greeley resident for many years, I have captured the beauty anduniqueness of Greeley on camera. I further ventured into digital photography and other mediums, enjoying the flexibility and the newness of technology.

I hope you enjoy my photography. Each photo is digitally unique and available for delivery to you in a choice of canvas and/or aluminum. I am pleased to be named "Artist in Residence" for The Eden Gallery. My art is sold exclusively here at The Eden Gallery.

To learn more, see Elaine. She will graciously assist you with your purchase or answer questions!

The Eden Gallery is pleased to announce that our gallery now features the Fine Art of Arturo Garcia, a Denver artist. Much of Mr. Garcia's art reflects on the beauty of wildlife. His artwork is distinctive, depicting colorful and bold colors with a native and natural flair. His artwork our gallery is easily affordable as we feature prints of many of his original paintings at an easy to purchase price! When you buy Mr. Garcia's artworks, you are allowing him to contribute to Wildlife organizations such as The Wild Animal Sanctuary, the National Wildlife Federation, the World Wildlife Fund and the Denver Zoo.

Visit his Website to learn more!