Welcome to Virtually Yours, LLC

Providing Virtual Personal Assistant Services in the Greeley, CO and surrounding areas!


What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional service provider who specializes in providing administrative services in an
ongoing, collaborative professional relationship ensuring a high standard of ethics and confidentiality.

Who We Are:

Virtually Yours, LLC is designed to offer its services to organizations,
professionals, and businesses who may not have the resources or
need to hire full-time administrative support staff. Our mission is to
provide quality, professional administrative services using the highest
standards of care, expertise, ethics, and confidentiality.

What We Do:

Virtually Yours, LLC, combines technology and office support practices to
provide administrative services in an effective, cost efficient way to your
business, agency, community, or non-profit organization. We provide
our services through a standard rate for a contracted time period,
and through fee-for-service projects. This benefits you by having
knowledgeable support staff, who work closely with your business and
organization to make each project and task successful.

Why We Do What We Do:

Our array of services is ideal for a small or medium business, a non profit
organization, or entrepreneurship when you need a resource for securing
administrative support services, when your first choice may not be hiring
another full-time staff member, or when hiring from a temporary agency
may not be practical or meet your business needs.


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