What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional service provider who specializes in providing administrative services in an
ongoing, collaborative professional relationship ensuring a high standard of ethics and confidentiality.

Who We Are:

Virtually Yours, LLC is designed to offer its services to organizations, professionals, and businesses who may not have the resources or need to hire full-time administrative support staff. Our mission is to provide quality, professional administrative services using the highest standards of care, expertise, ethics, and confidentiality.

What We Do:

Virtually Yours, LLC, combines technology and office support practices to provide administrative services in an effective, cost efficient way to your business, agency, community, or non-profit organization. We provide our services through a standard rate for a contracted time period, and through fee-for-service projects. This benefits you by having knowledgeable support staff, who work closely with your business and organization to make each project and task successful.

Why We Do What We Do:

Our array of services is ideal for a small or medium business, a non profit organization, or entrepreneurship when you need a resource for securing administrative support services, when your first choice may not be hiring another full-time staff member, or when hiring from a temporary agency may not be practical or meet your business needs.

"For approximately the past two years, Virtually yours, LLC, has managed my virtual office support services for my volunteer advocate support and accommodations services. Elaine's excellent management skills have been professional while demonstrating efficient and effective methods in a timely manner.

Elaine has developed a professional and responsible virtual office support company. She is dedicated to people. She listens to my directions and identifies my needs. Elaine's abilities to adjust to ever-changing situations and attention to details allows for a flexible environment, as assistance and accommodations can be focused toward the clients' successes. Elaine has assisted my advocate needs while meeting deadlines and providing consistent and quality results for my clients' support, details that are vitally important for me to efficiently manage time schedules in order to offer effective and efficient services to my clients.

Virtually Yours, LLC provides services through the affiliation as a virtual office for the Sawaya Law Firm. Clients may have the opportunity to choose legal counsel without additional stress or concerns of who can provide legal services for certain problems. Clients have other legal assistance options if they so decide.

I have complete confidence that Virtually yours, LLC will provide quality administrative services for my clients.
Virtually yours, LLC, is a company known for charging reasonable and fair financial compensation for services.
I highly recommend Virtually yours, LLC when needing virtual assistance."

Vonna Floreth, Advocate


"Virtually Yours has been a great addition to our company. They have helped us reach the clients that are not near our main location. Elaine Furister has always been courteous and friendly to me, my staff and most importantly, my clients. The professional image and support offered to my clients has been such a great way to grow my business. Virtually Yours is ideal for companies who do not want a full time office. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of a virtual office. The Virtually Yours office has provided the constant contact necessary to ensure that clients needs are met. Thank you, Virtually Yours!"

Michael G. Sawaya
The Sawaya Law Firm

"Elaine Furister and Virtually yours, LLC. are my go-to for virtual administrative services. On multiple occasions I've turned to Elaine for for services knowing that she would get the job done and treat all my projects as if they were her own. She's reliable, creative, and knowledgeable. I've watched her grow her business from a small unknown office to a trusted remote administrator for a well-known Denver law firm.

Most recently, I sought Elaine's collaboration on a new startup scheduled to go nationwide this fall. Elaine provides professional administrative support, marketing management, and vendor recruitment. I would not be able to proceed with my venture without her professional insight, her encouragement, and her excellent support. I recommend her services for anyone or any business looking for solid professional support that they can trust."

Dr. Angela Koponen
Koponen Associates

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Our Published Book: Stitches (Volume 1) by MKD

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